I was going to do some quality blogging this week since it's spring break, but I'm sick. I couldn't even rally myself off the couch to get some of Bakerina's freshly baked cake. So coherent blogging isn't likely.

I thought some of you would like to know I have booked my stay in Paris-10 days which was the cheapest flight, of course that means quite an investment in terms of the hotel stay. I realize now I should have taken a hit on the flight and saved on the hotel, but hey ten days in Paris. It can't be too bad of an idea, right? I'm excited and scared. And honestly I don't really want to go to Paris alone again. Last time I swore I wouldn't, but now I can plan my trip, and you all can look forward to a reprisal of my Paris travelogue, which won't be as exciting as the last time. (How can you top walking in on two people having sex on the top of a piano?)

Well I'm going to go back to crocheting on the couch so I can get this bridal shower present done by this weekend. I'll post pictures of it after it is presented. Trust me it's going to be a vision.

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