Again the Lord Wees in My Cheerios

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So it's been one of those days although I knew it was going to be stressful from the beginning, I had NO idea what was waiting for me. From all the printers except one in the adjunct office being broken, and that one out of black ink. To the broken copier. And me with an exam to give in an hour. And a large stack of papers still yet to grade.

Now a person with a smaller mind would have panicked. But luckily the bunnikins thought on her feet. The black ink was out in the printer so I switched the text to blue and printed it out. It printed the text so then I simply programmed the printer for 18 copies.

Sounds like a simple solution but on two hours of sleep after spending a weekend calculating grades, writing exams, and correcting papers I'm lucky I know how to use my metrocrad.

I am ready for my house slave to prepare my bucket of margaritas after cleaning the kitchen floor, washing the dishes, and picking up the laundry.

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