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This post is an open letter of sorts to someone I don't think even comes here to read anymore, but I'll be damned if I'll send him an email. I do think, however, he needs to read the link in this post.

Last fall, this lapsed reader told me he was going to send me a packet of information to help me through this difficult time. He was an old friend. He knew me back when I still believed in God. When my father was alive. When I was young and sweet and still I had hope, I swear. I figured knowing me as long as that he would have some sense about what to send me. Still, I had no idea what would be in that envelope, and it was vaguely insulting to think that I had not investigated all possible avenues, but if it helped insult be damned.

Finally the packet arrived. One section contained information about yoga (I learned yoga, pilates, and guided meditation as part of my acting training), nutrition (including a book called the Cure for All Disease-how reassuring), and finally Scientology.

To say I was furious is kind of like telling a person in the path of a tidal wave he/she MIGHT experience moisture. It's an understatement on an epic level. When I confronted him about he claimed that he thought I MIGHT be angry.

Now being me, after a bit I began to think that maybe I over reacted to a person wanting to help me with all of my health/emotional problems with a cult (according to US Congress) invented by a science fiction writer. Sure it was misguided, but was it really as bad as I thought? I wasn't sure until I read this post at metafilter . As he said to me before I received the packet, "keep an open mind." I extend to him the same invitation.

For the rest of you this is a chance for you to gather even more material to disparage one of the most powerful "faiths" in existance. Take that Tomcat!

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