300 Dollars and One Week to Go
I know, you're getting sick of it by now, but I am only 300 dollars away from my thousand dollar goal. But I have only 8 days left to raise the money. And I'm honest here, I am running out of people to harass. So thank you to all the people who have already given money, and thank you to all the bloggers who put up posts about this on their blog. After the thon don't worry you shall get proper thank yous as well as as goodie bags. Because nothing says thank you like sugar-y goodness.

But I still need your help. We are getting down to the wire. If you know anyone who can give, please send them the links to the previous posts. And all you bloggers out there with blogger pals, if you can get them to post that would be AWESOME. If you want, I can even forward you my donation pitch email so all you have to do is forward it. We're so close people. So close.

And are you ready for Freaky France Friday? As promised I have a sex post for tomorrow, but that's just a taste of what's to come. That is if all of you are good boys and girls and help me raise that money. You aren't going to get the super sweet and sexy end of the Paris diaries until I reach my 1000 goal. So help me, to help you.

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