Hello Blogathon, I Want to Play a Game
Welcome to Bunniblog's Blogathon Horror Trivia Challenge. Before the whole wacky sleepless hijinx ensues I thought I would take a moment to give a little history to the Horror Trivia Challenge and explain how to play the game.

The Man Behind the Dream of Blogathon

My father was a big fan of horror films. All of them. Good. Bad. Ugly. Low budget. Poorly acted. Ridiculously premised. He loved them all. It was perhaps one of the few things we bonded over. We would get a whole bunch of crap from the 24 hour store (cream soda, bright orange "cheese" popcorn, pretzel sticks, strawberry soda, chocolate covered donuts, gummy worms) and stay up watching some of the worst dreck ever to grace the small screen. Occasionally, we would treat ourselves to actually going out, getting bucket of popcorn drenched in bright yellow food coloring, a jacuzzi sized coke, and seeing a movie on the big screen.

I inherited his love of horror movies. I've stayed up late night watching movies like My Bloody Valentine and Blood Feast. I've burnt out my eyes on bad sequels and pretend tributes to H.P. Lovecraft. I've driven away dates with my terrifying dissertations on the anti-American content in the remake of the Hills Have Eyes. But now the time has come to finally put my wasted youth to work in the name of a good cause.

The Son of Blogathon

Sound familiar? Well, it should. I've done a similar version of this game for the last two years. (You can see past 'thon posts here and here.) But what is a sequel without some changes, some innovations? Last year I gave away one grand prize. This year there will be a bigger more mysterious grand prize as well as smaller giveaways along the way: devilish rubberduckies, jolly rodger hotpads, scary shot glasses. So let me tell you how it's done.

There Are Rules

Each post will contain a trivia question or questions about one film. Each question will have a point ranking based on difficulty.You, my precious readers, then have 30 minutes to answer the questions. You can post the answer in the comments field of this blog or email them to me ( misslapin at gmail dot com). After thirty minutes, I will post the answers in the next post along with the next set of questions. The commenter with the most points at the end of 24 hours will win a prize.

Now I don't expect you to stay up 24 hours. There will be a winner no matter what and that person will simply have the most points. Now if few people play, then your chance to win is pretty good. If there are lots of players, well, you better be on your A game. There is no registration fee or process. Players can drop in and out as needed-no worries you're always welcomed back into the game. All you have to do is be sure to give some sort of name so I can tally your points. Remember the winner, because of the point system, may not be the person who answered the most questions, but the person who answered the most difficult questions.

But Why?

Ah, the question of all weeping victims. Why would I do this to you and more importantly why would I do this to myself? Why to raise money for the Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Society.
I suffered from this cancer myself and was able to survive.I know first hand how devastating this disease can be not only the the children who struggle to survive, but their families as well. By participating in the Blogathon, I will hopefully raise one thousand dollars to help support families dealing with this horrible disease. It's not too late to sponsor me, if you wish. Otherwise you can help me stay awake by playing my game, telling others, or at the very least leaving me taunting, but intelligent comments.

So I'll see you tomorrow morning at 9 AM with my first set of trivia questions. And oh yes there will be blood....

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