There are actually two alien references in Dreamcatchers-the army calls the alien menace Ripley and Jones or Jonesy is also the name of Ripley's cat. Jason Lee, AKA Earl and Underdog, fends off the alien menace with a toilet brush. Not too surprising that he doesn't succeed with such advanced weaponry. King sold the movie rights for a dollar. Personally I think the movie studio overpaid. Thomas Jane, who is a veteran of many horror films, agreed to do the movie because his mother, a King fan, told him too. Tom, honey, that's why you have an agent.

But not all of Tom's choices are so questionable. This next film was a very good choice on his part.

Premise: A serial killer obsessed with Ronald Reagen kills pseudo-hippies at a Woodstockesque music festival. It features Thomas Jane's line, "That's compassionate conservativism."

Name that movie. 1 pt.

This film marks the directorial debut of what actor? 1 pt.

Early on in the film, a naked hippie follow what deeper into the forest to meet a grisly death? 4 pts.

Who plays the unscrupulous manager of the music festival? 2 pts.

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