I am Sir Richard Dangerous

AKA Rik Mayall. You might remember him as Drop Dead Fred, but fans of British comedy also know him as Flasheart from Blackadder as well as Rik from the Young Ones. He also appeared in the Comic Strip and Bottom(See some of his work at Youtube). But Bakerina, who is preparing a lovely blogathon dinner for me, and I love him best for his performance as Sir Richard Dangerous on the Dangerous Brothers.

The porn film, which Landis actually filmed, was See You Next Wednesday. That film title is a signature of his and appears in many of his movies.

Next set of trivia questions. Well, I don't know about you, but I'm in the mood for a little Bruce Campbell to keep me going.

In Army of Darkness, what words must Ash repeat? 1 pt

From what classic sci fi film are these words taken? 1 pt

How many confirmed characters does Ted Raimi play? 2 pts

I'm gonna run out and get some strawberry soda (didn't stock up yesterday) so you might have five extra minutes to answer.

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