I'm Bill Pardy.

Although there are references to all kinds of horror movies within Slither like the Castavets (the neighbors in Rosemary's Baby) and Dr. Carl (voiced by Rob Zombie a reference to the movie Rabid) the movie's inspiration was the David Cronenberg classic Shivers. Lloyd hired James when he saw that thanks to his performance art James had the ability to vomit onstage at will. According to the mayor, lyme disease is caused by handling deer feces and then eating a sandwich without watching your hands. It does, not, however, make you look like a squid.

And of course, the Sheriff's name is Bill Pardy.

OK Here's some more courtesy of 2 am sci-fi channel programming.

A gangster named El Nino pronounces the following line in what movie, "I now pronounce you Devil and his shorty! Kiss the bride motherfucker!" 1 pt

Who plays El Nino? 1 pt

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