This film has the dubious honor of being the only film to actually make me gag. It is a great movie and has some interesting questions about what is a "healthy" relationship. Although the killer does feed them junk food, the secret ingredient is the fat from the corpses of the previous victims. And yes the slogan is Consumption is Evolution.

I am honor bound to point out that last year's winner Office Elf AKA OE has entered the fray. He is the man to beat people.

I am also honor bound to mentioned follow thonner Scribbling Way of the Ninja has made me a nice bunny girl! So go look!

OK I need time to eat so a few quick questions:

"You are the most egocentric corpse I've ever met."

Identify the movie 2 pts.

Identify the monument that appears at the beginning of the movie and the monument that appears at the end. 2 pts.

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