Hell High
You are indeed correct Kimberly. How you know that the opening scene is shot in the NJ Meadowlands is because a young couple is in a motorcycle and end up impaled. As Joe Bob says,"That's the NJ meadowlands. If you die in a swamp, you get chopped up by an outboard motor, you get eaten by an alligator, you drown. But only in the NJ meadowlands do you get impaled!" He was so impressed by the scene that half way through the next one he interrupts himself to talk about the previous scene again.

I feel the needs for a little foodie trivia while I make myself a late lunch of a dang quesadilla.

Here's the premise: An Australian cop suspects an American serial killer of feeding willing women to death for the entertainment of online subscribers.

Name the movie 2 pts.

What is the "secret" ingredient he adds to his victim's food to help them gain weight? 4 pts

What is the killer's main ideology/slogan? 2 pts

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