An American Werewolf in Paris
No wonder the French hate us. In this movie, Julia Delpy's idea of "hair of the dog" is human hearts in a blender. The plot involves a serum which can causes werewolves to transform immediately and a pack of skinheads who don't like American tourists. Can you say "All You Can Eat Buffet"?

The beginning of the movie features Julia attempting suicide off the Eiffel Tower, when she is saved by a bungee jumper. The end of the movie featured their marriage when they bungee jump off of Lady Liberty.

And when did it become 4:30? It was 9 am like ten minutes ago I swear.

Now that OE has entered the fray I feel the need to break out some of the harder questions.

This would hardly be a horror movie trivia quiz if I didn't throw a Troma movie or seven out there.

In what movie does Lloyd Kaufman claim "This movie is going to have more gunshots than any movie except Sam Pecknipah's the Wild Bunch. But we have.........which is much more historically significant."

What's the name of this movie? 1 pt.

What is the object that is more historically significant? 2 pts

What is the song the serial killer is obsessed with? 2 pts

Who is the killer's father? 1 pt

What disability does the director have? 2 pts

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