Terror Firmer
This film is a personal favorite for a variety of reasons. It features a date scene at the now gone, but not forgotten Stingy Lulu's, I know two people in the movie, and of course, there are exploding breasts, which I think we all agree is far more historically significant than anything in the Wild Bunch. But my most favoritiest thing about this movie is the line that appears in the uncut version:
"For 40,000 you think NYU could teach her to wear gloves when handling a lightbulb."

According to Lloyd's daughter, Charlotte, who kills the crossdressing fiend in the movie, that line was inspire by the few NYU interns that worked at Troma. Apparently they aren't known for their common sense.

What a surprise.

The killer is obsessed with the song Amazing Grace which shows up in various covers during the movie. Ron Jeremy, friend to fellow Surreal Life Cast member-the Late Tammy Faye, plays the killer's molestering father of the killer. Finally Lloyd Kaufman plays Larry Benjamen a blind film director.

OK next trivia challenge. Things are going to get pretty rough round these parts if OE keeps getting correct answers.

Although most horror fans thought the movie Night of the Creeps was the inspiration for Slither according to James Gunn what film really inspired Slither? 4 pts

James was hired after he graduated from Columbia by Lloyd Kaufman of Troma after Lloyd read what special talent on his resume? 5 pts

According to the mayor, how can one get lyme disease? 1 pt

What is the name of the sheriff? 1 pt

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