When an alcoholic cartoonist hits a dog named Lucky with his car, he doesn't know it's going to change his whole life. But Lucky revitalizes his career and his love life, but soon Lucky reveals the price for success is human lives. A really good creepy horror movie with a sense of humor.

The set is decorated with beer cans that took one of the producers 3 years to collect. That's a hell of a sacrifice for his art.

Identify the movie with the following line:

"I began to realize that this girl is, like, drinking my blood in a way that's like effecting my health."

identification 1 pt.

The leading actor is missing a front tooth. What is the explanation in the movie? 3 pts

What is the explanation in real life? 4 pts

(I'll give you a hint the main actor is in Cabin Fever II: Spring Fever.)

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