God Help This Girl
According to director William Friedkin, "You don't use God to schill for your movie" and he rejected the tag line. William Peter Blatty was known for writing slapstick comedies, particularly Blake Edward's A Shot in the Dark. After a while screwball comedy lost it's market and Blatty was out of work. At that time, he remembered a real case that took place when he was in college. He moved back to his college town and commenced research, which if Joe Bob Briggs is to be believed is pretty close to the real case.

Eileen Smith is really the girl vomiting pea soup in the Exorcist. Although she was told not to discuss her role in the movie, she got upset and sued the studio for credit for her "performance" AKA stunt vomiter.

Trivia challenge before I go uptown to meet friends for dinner:

In what movie does the following line appear: Do you know what the most terrifying thing in the world is? It's fear. 1 pt

What does the killer use to kill his victims? 1 pt

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