Larry Fessenden got his tooth kicked out when his mugged in Brooklyn in 1984 and never had it replaced. He was in a movie released last year called Automatons, which rocked. He also kicked butt in a short film called the Pod. I've met Larry and he is just a cool guy. In the movie Habit, when the female vampire asks him about his front tooth he simply replies "My mother" and never gives any elaboration.

Let's get back to some horror classics:

What was the original tag line for the movie The Exorcist? 2 pts

Why did William Friedkin, the director, reject the tag line? 3 pts

William Peter Blatty wrote the book and the screenplay, what film was he best known for BEFORE the Exorcist? 3 pts

Finally, although Linda Blair complained that this movie ruinned her career because she became the "pea soup girl" it was not actually her vomiting pea soup. Who was it? 5 pts.

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