The Gore Gore Girls by Herschel Gordon Lewis
Well it seems I may have to check on my research, but the DVD I have proclaims that the Gore Gore Girls is the first X rated horror movie as well as the last movie by schlock king Herschel Gordon Lewis. Herschel was the mind behind the original 2000 maniacs.

Ok I think the dinner party is winding down so you'll be getting the quality commentary back soon. But until then the next trivia challenge:

What 3 real killers are featured as part of Captain Spalding's Murder and Mayhem ride in House of 1000 Corpses? 3 pts

What is the name of the liquor store in this movie? 3 pts

What 3 necessities does Captain Spalding's sign offer to motorists? 2 pts

Who is Baby's favorite actress? 4 pts

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