There are Rules
According to Leigh Whannel, if you take a shot every time director James Wan says 18 days on the first DVD, "By the end of the movie, you'll be ragingly pissed." Of course, the movie was filmed in 18 days and in one building. The movie features what Whannel calls the cheapest chase sequence ever because it was filmed in a parking garage. Cary Elwes on the second DVD does an impersonation of Marlon Brando and Michael Caine. Jigsaw's doll, which was built by Wan, also appeared in Dead Silence. And Saw 3 revised Adam's death from starvation to suffocation by Amanda-Jigsaw's wayward disciple.

Let's continue with demonic dolls, shall we?

In Seed of Chucky, Jennifer Tilly seduces Redman to score what role? 2 pts.

What was the original title for this movie? 3 pts.

This movie features the death of cult director John Waters, who is a huge Chucky fan. What would Waters like the next Chucky film to be? 5 pts.

At one point in the movie, Chuck masterbates to what magazine? 2 pts

Who does the voice of Chucky? 1 pt.

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