The Descent
Funny story about this movie. I saw it with OE, and we had this tub of popcorn which me mauled pretty quickly. So early on in the movie there's only an inch or so left in the tub. OE had it in his hands and he leaned over to whisper some snarky remark to me when the creatures appeared for the first time. OE not only tossed up the tub, but then he couldn't quite catch it and it danced on his finger tips for almost a minute until he finally got the tub out of control. What was amazing was that the entire movie theater gasped, and I was the only one trying to stifle laughter. It was the most perfect horror movie scare moment I've ever seen in my life. Even if the movie had been crap, it would have been worth it just to see that.

The original of this movie was a personal fave, one my father also loved....

But the sequel

In Return of the Killer Tomatoes, what does FT stand for? 2 pts
What dashing actor actually plays the hero's sidekick? 2 pts
What appears on the back of Professor Gangrene's lab coat? 5 pts.
What alternative career does Igor want to pursue? 5 pts

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