Fun With Academy Award Winners
It took Peter Jackson 4 years to film Bad Taste, even though it originally was meant to be a 10 minute movie titled Roast of the Day. Aliens come here to open up a new branch of an intergalactic fast food franchise, but they drink their own vomit as part of their intoxicating "communion." Finally, the heads were baked in Jackson's mother's oven, which accounts for the rather awkward shaping of the head. They were designed to fit in the oven. Incidentally there are no female characters in Bad Taste, although some women did play male aliens. The aliens were all male as were the humans. Strange, but true.

Let's continue with Academy Award Winners....

In this movie pirahnas develop what strange ability thanks to the government? 2 pts

This film is often credited as what Academy Award Winning Director's First movie? 1 pt

Who actually did most of the shooting despite the directorial credit? 5 pts.

What veteran from the Alien franchise appeared in this movie? 1 pt

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