God Bless the Little People

None of you saw Seed of Chucky? Have you no decency? At long last sir, have you no...decency?

Ahem, Jennifer Tilly seduces Redman in order to get the part of the Virgin Mary in his upcoming Bible epic. The original title for the film was Chucky Goes Psycho and there are homages to the film Psycho throughout including in the Intro when Glen or Glenda (Ed Wood reference) claims he wouldn't hurt a fly.)

John Waters, who has a spectacular death in the film, would like to see a musical Chucky movie. Chucky masterbates to an issue of Fangoria, and actor Brad Dourif does the voice of Chucky. Brad has done a whole passel of horror movies including Alien Resurrection, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and Dario Argento's Trauma. He also appeared in Deadwood and as Lucas Boggs in the Beyond the Sea episode of the X files. In short, I love Brad Dourif. I would gladly toss my horror themed panties at him at any time as long as he promises not to do the Chucky voice in bed.

Oh and the end credits feature the deaths of the characters.

OK This here is just one question: In the movie 1408, according to Samuel L Jackson, why are people in the room 1408 so prone to death and injury? 3 pts.

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