Piranhas II: The Spawning
While James Cameron is credited with this movie, Ovidio Assonitis apparently took over after a week of shooting because he was unhappy with Cameron's work (although there is some argument about who shot what). Lance Henrikson is one of the main characters of this movie, and the piranhas develop the improbable ability to fly when the army splices them with a flying fish. The climax of the film comes when the piranhas actually stage an inland attack EN MASSE. Yep a whole pack of flying ridiculousness. Cameron claims, however, that this is THE finest flying piranha film.

More fun with hungry ridiculous creatures and the Academy Awards....

In this movie the following exchange occurs:

Fran:I thought you said there was no radiation danger?
Man: Well Fran maybe the nuclear core just up and changed its mind.

What Academy Award Nominee played Fran? 5 pts.

Identify the movie. 3 pts

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