Critters 4
It is my theory that every big actor has one horror movie that they wish everyone would forget. This movie would be Angela Basset's. Although Brad Dourif (The Voice of Chucky) also appeared in this film. One of my grad student pals claimed give a horror franchise long enough and they will all reach either Space or NY sometimes both.

Well I'm full in the long dark teatime of blogathon. I had so many plans-to do my nails, to do yoga, to practice my french, pick up my dry cleaning. I didn't do any of that and now I'm barely awake enough to make obnoxious editorial comments.

Still I forage ahead much like the brave ladies in the this film...

When 6 women decide to go on an adventure holiday one year after one of them lost both her husband and her daughter in a car accident, it seemed like a good idea until....The leader decides to take them into a different unexplored cave system instead of the one agreed upon.

The following lines appears in this film...."I'm an English professor, not Tomb Raider." Identify this film. 1 pt

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