He Came From Heaven, Two Stakes in His Hand
Jesus Christ battling lesbian vampires with a catchy 80s soundtrack. This movie would be all shades of awesome for that alone, but then God appears as a bowl of cherries and instructs Jesus to take El Santos as his backup for battle. The Virgin Mary in the form of a dashboard statue proclaims to love lesbians because "they get so much done in a day."

I am currently having breakfast. I couldn't understand why I felt sick and yet hungry until I realized I had been eating only sugar for six hours. I am now having a bit of a nosh while I watch Invader Zim. I have to admit it I'm all horror movie-ed out. I'm gonna have watch screwball comedies for a while.

But not yet...gotta thank Rabbitch for this one, in what movie are human corpses ground up to be cat food? 3 pts

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