When the documentary crew goes missing in the "Green Inferno" it's an anthropology prof. from NYU who goes down and finds what left of them, which is their footage. The film is so upsetting to many people because of the animal cruelty that the DVD offers an animal cruelty free version. The movie was actually banned in Italy because of the cruelty. While Takashi Miike had a cameo in Hostel, Ruggero Deodato, the director of this film, had a cameo in Hostel II. Carl Gabriel Yorke was not originally cast as the leading man, but replaced an actor who quit at the last minute. According to Carl he was hired because he had the right shoe size as they had already purchased the costume for the originally actor. Yorke also confessed his first day of shooting was the day a sea turtle is butchered. After witnessing the real butchery of this animal Yorke left every day to film with his passport and his plane ticket for fear he was working on a snuff film.

In the movie Carrie, why do the girls taunt her in the locker room? 2 pts
How does Carrie's mother refer to breasts? 2 pts
What icon of 80s sitcom played Carrie's love interest? 1 pt
In what other 80s horror film does this actor appear as the main character? 3 pts
Sissy Spacek is apparently such a perfectionist she spent how many days covered in blood for continuity in the prom sequence? 5 pts

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