A Big Fluffy Killer Bunni Thank You

So sponsorships have finally closed, and although my original goal was one thousand dollars because of all of you I managed to exceed my goal and raise $1, 661.96, which means that my parents were right. All it takes to make the world a better place is the desire to change it.

About half way through the thon, I received an email from a mother who lost her only son to this horrible form of cancer. She thanked me for raising awareness as well as being thrilled to see that I was an actual survivor. I wanted to pass her thanks on to all of you because you were really what made this experience so amazing and worth while.

I know some of you regretted not being able to give or give more, but all of you did what you could. First off I want to say before I kick off the personal thank yous that if I forgot you, please let me know and understand that it isn't personal, but that I am in desperately in need of a personal staff to keep track of me. There were the bloggers who posted about my efforts and harassed their readers to donate on my behalf: bakerina, blogmonkey, rabbitch, McBeth, Anonymouse, and Meesha. Incidentally should you ever want to start a small army, Rabbitch should be your go to girl-within an hour of her post I managed to quadruple my hits. Ordinary Joe went above and beyond by offering not only to match all donations made in the last 24 hours before the thon, but also to essentially whore himself out to the requests of donors. Bakerina and Julie of A Finger in Every Pie managed to fed me a lovely blogathon dinner of ribs, corn salsa, collard greens, cherry pie and brownies. My monitor, John, checked up on me as did many of you who posted comments even when you didn't have a freakin' clue what I was asking about. And to be fair who would? I mean how many people in this life have even heard of Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter? Actually on Monday I spent a lovely afternoon with Office Elf AKA High Grand Horror Movie Trivia Master watching the Simpsons movie and roaming around Virgin megastore hitting myself on the head for all the trivia I should have asked. (For example, one of the top grossing horror movies of all time was filmed in 8 days. What was it? The Blair Witch Project. ) Also a big shout out to Mr.Hysteria. I have mentioned his brand new blog before but since he was one of my biggest supporters I say unto you again go read.

I'd also like to thank netflix, econocandy, the sci fi channel and sympathy for the kettle. They don't know how they helped, but I wouldn't have made it through the night with enough trivia and gummy brains if it weren't for these lovely businesses.

Currently I am in Paris struggling with the joys of a french keyboard. Sufficed to say the trip over was one of Kakfka's unrealized works. I shall finish the old paris diaries when I return and I alreqdy have an arsenal of new stories. In the meantime, thanks to all of you:the ones who just visited, the sponsors, the monitors, of course fry kitty who started it all those years ago, Nikki whose blog opened up a door to helping others who suffer with what I survived, Rabbitch who put up with nonsensical pre dawn imming, well, I could go on and on. Basically thank you to everyone for willing to be a part of this experience. It means more to me than you know.


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