Night of the Lepus

You don't get to use the phrase "a plague of killer rabbits" nearly enough in this life. Janet Leigh appeared in this film, probably much to the shame of Alfred Hitchcock who cast her in his movie Psycho (the first film to have a toilet on screen). As we learned from movies like Cavedwellers, you can make snakes growl or in this case rabbits roar and snarl.

One wonders why rabbity horror films have to be so ridiculous. Of course then you look at the little guy over there and you understand. I mean how could that little face be scary? "I'll nibble some holes in your socks you bastard!" Yeah, it's just not scary and it's never gonna be scary. Unless Marv finally got a movie deal in which case it would be utterly terrifying. But aside from that some animals do not lend themselves to horror movies-rabbits are one of them.

Well that's it people. I was going to do a lot more tonight. I was going to paint my nails, do my yoga, practice French, write a special thank you post for all my sponsors, discover the winners, and make gingerbread pancakes. I was going to even make my special Night of the Lepus frozen ice cream so that you cold marvel at it. I did none of that. What I did manage to do was raise over 1000 dollars for the charity of my choice. I may have faltered, but I didn't fall.

So to all of you who kept me awake, who sent emails, who posted on flickr, who gave what they could and more whether it be linklove, food, IMs, or cash, thank you. I will properly thank all of you later when I am no longer a hallucinating mess. I suspect Office Elf will be tallying the results as I slumber. Later today I shall reveal the secret of Lepus frozen yogurt.

But now, as they used to say in the days of celebrity death match, good fight GOOD NIGHT.

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