I am filling out online grad applications. One of the applications, and I am not kidding here, actually asked for "person to contact in case of emergency." Now if I was already going there, I could understand an emergency contact number, but what kind of application emergency are they anticipating? I mean I KNOW they are harrowing and they do ask for a lot probing questions (How well do speak/read/write latin? How many articles have your published? Where? Have you ever slept with a 7 ft tall invisible rabbit? If so, do you still keep in touch?) but really AN EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBER? I think my mother would be frightened if she got a call, "Hello? Mrs. Lapin? This is Princeton University. I'm afraid there is an emergency situation involving your daughter. Yes. Have you, perchance, seen her Math GRE scores? Really. You might want to sit down..."
I forgot how draining applications are. Typing the same generic personal info again and again again-permanent address, graduation dates, schools I skulked in the parkings lots of, academic honors I kind of sort of in a roundabout way achieved. But I am, honestly terrified. I do not think I am going to get in anywhere. Including NYU, which is interesting since I work here. Of course, I thought this way when I applied to the Master's. But honestly, I am spending this week getting all the technical stuff together so I have month to edit my writing sample, statement of purpose, and CV. Because I have to have it all in at Emory by Dec. 1 and most other places by the 15th.
So this is a plea. First, leave me encouraging messages as I seem to be suffering some sore throat and sleeping virus. Second, please tolerate that my posts will be sparse this upcoming month. Third, should anyone want to be a guest blogger on occassion, you know, just for the fans, please feel free to send me an email.
Please send red bull and vodka.

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