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I was doing my usual tuesday night hang out with the people who maintain this blog (if you scroll down you will find the name of the address, the bar, and other important info should you want to join the brouhaha) when I became engaged in conversation with one of the young men. Because he does marketing he is good at coming up with questions that jump start conversations. Two really caught my attention, and I would like to get your responses either on your blog or in the comments.
1. What is the most embarassing thing you still own from the 80's?
This was a tough one. Even though I am pack rat, I don't have that much from the 80's ( unless you count all those photos of me with 80's hair-oh the horror the horror). I contemplated what I might still HAVE from the 80's. Not much, but then I realized I kept, after all these years, a little smurfette figurine. I have to admit I loved the smurfs. Really. And to show my love, I bought smurf figurines. They were sold at Phil's ( scroll down to candy freak post). I had a few smurfs, vanity, brainy ( what are the odds?), hefty, but smurfette I liked the best of all. So much so that I bought two smurfette figurines. ( Thus throwing the delicate eco-system of my smurf village off.) I vaguely remember even having a big mushroom house for them to live in. Like many childhood collectors eventually I got rid of my collection of smurfs, ( probably to make room for my kermit the frog puppet) but I kept one smurfette figurine. She has one hand on her hat and the other on her butt in an exaggerated sexy pose. ( Think Miss Piggy only blue.)
2. What is your best halloween costume?
In 2001, when my entire life fell apart, I was standing in Halloween Adventure pondering bunny ears. I was going as a bunny, a costume I had never constructed before. I should say that my costumes are somewhat legendary. I mean, I'm not like some of the serious drag queens who you see in the Halloween parade, but last year the woodland fairy costume I threw together at the last minute made third place at a costume comp. You can imagine how good I am when I get my act together.
In my family original and interesting home made costumes were the standard. I don't remember ever using store bought costumes. I went as a ballerina, a witch, a leopard ( my mother altered a leopard print jumper she had), an alien ( yellow not grey or green), a can can girl, and a dog (with a strange purple mask).When I went to college as an actor my costume design training and my childhood tradition served me well. I made a tinkerbelle costume, a betty boop costume, an angel costume ( with real feather wings back when it was a rarity) and a devil costume ( complete with red sequin dress and matching horns-only the horns were bought).
As I stood contemplating whether I wanted to be a white rabbit or a black bunni, a pack of 17 year old girls swooped in and attacked the bunni noses and ears. They argued and squabbled and I thought, "No way am I am being a bunni. I don't want people associating me with a pack of shrill 18 year olds. I don't want to be that common." So I wandered the store searching for ideas, and then it came to me....a valkyrie.
I built a valkyrie costume. Of course there was some fudging. I didn't have the time to build a breast plate and I certainly, with my rack, couldn't find one in a store, but still I made do. I bought a blonde braided wig, I already had the horned helmet, I got a trident and some other odds and ends. People loved it. Halloween lasted two weeks that year and there wasn't a party people didn't stop and remark and ask for pictures. My favorite was a cute young gladiator. We got our picture taken together. Two weeks later I was at a rave in Brooklyn and this guy walks up to me and hugs me. I looked at him like he was crazy until he said, "Oh you don't remember me. I was the gladiator." (I couldn't tell if he was interested or gay, that was the last time I saw him.)
Slowly the pieces of that costume have disappeared. The helmet I still have, but the trident broke. The wig was destroyed by my cat. The decorations have some how evaporated to unseen corners of the apartment. But I have the pictures and boy, I look great.
The only downside of that costume is when I put it on I invariably get asked at some point in the evening "Do you do bachelor parties?"

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