Where's the spirit, people? Where's the love?
OK I am very disappointed in your lack of reponse to my questions. I was thinking you all out there in blogosphere would have some fun freaky left over 80s memorbilia or bizarre costumes, but well, feh. It's like one of those parties you hear about and you get a new outfit, rest the night before, take a disco nap, save extra cash, take a cab there because you are NOT taking the subway in those heels, and you get there fashionably late, sweep in with your coiffed hair and your lipstick unsmudged to find...five people all drowsily chatting around a single bottle of crappy white wine. Meanwhile, all your friends, you know the ones who bailed on you, have somehow stumbled into the coolest bar, hook up with low level models/urban hipsters, go back to their loft for a late night spontaneous party, and eventually crawl back to their own apartments looking and feeling like an aged wombat.
So now you have been duly chastised.

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