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What Writing a Paper for 10 Hours After Cooking for 2 Days and Dealing With My Extended Family For 20 Hours Can Do To My Brain
After working on my Frankenstein paper for grad apps, I was gathering up my research to go to sleep when I came across, through pure coincidence, this quotation from Anatole Broyard, "...the emotional burden of avoiding the patient may be much harder on the doctor than he imagines" (49). Well, if that doesn't sum up the basic conflict of Frankenstein, I don't know what does. Sure he could just look upon his creation and give him a hug, but no, he has to travel all over europe, get five decent people murdered, extinguish his family line, and drive some poor dogs to their death on an ice raft. Again I scoff at the idea that men excel at linear thinking.
Of course, I am shocked to discover that I have become the type of person who posts pictures of her mother's cat on her blog. Which only makes sense once I perused my mother's digital picture gallery and realized she has a whole cache of pictures dedicated to her house from every angle possible. I mean really. She took a picture of the house, walked ten feet to the left took another picture, no animals, no people, just her house from every angle. She also has pictures of floral arrangements. No kidding. Sometimes several pictures of the SAME arrangement from different angles.
Incidentally the cat in the picture is NOT a girl cat, it is a boy cat. In fact, the ASPCA named him Tony. Realizing that the cat bears no ressemblance to a Soprano or the star of Who's the Boss, my mother wanted to name him RuPaul, but I vetoed it. I thought perhaps Glen or Glenda in a tribute to Ed Wood, but well a three word name isn't very convenient, and the cat certainly didn't look like an Ed. Since the cat has two different color eyes ( one blue, one green), I thought perhaps Ziggy Stardust might be appropriate, but my mother isn't the naming her cat after a famous concept rock album type. Finally we settled on a very nice non gender specific name: "Puff."

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