Please Forgive Our Appearance
So a few weeks ago when I was trying to add a hits counter back to the blog, I accidentally screwed up the template. I was heartbroken as my good friend Blogmonkey made this template especially for me. It's true that I want to change my template (and I know what I want and just have to actually, you know, contact certain friends of minions of other assorted demons to GET ON IT ALREADY), but I didn't mean to change it THEN.

Well, I just now figured out how to change it back and as I was looking at the sidebar...well, to say it's out of date is kind. So over the next few weeks I'll be updating sections (like where you can find my spanky new horror film reviews) and reconfiguring old ones (like the blogroll, which I'm sure needs a massive overhaul.) As a result, the posts themselves may be light but rest assured soon there will be some truly hawt Halloween pics to distract you.

Oh yes, there will be blood. (wink)

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