What I do When I'm not Attempting to Have a Social Life or Bitching About Attempting to Have a Social Life
A few weeks ago I was asked to start writing horror film reviews again.  It came at the perfect time as I was more and more motivated to write on my own, and we all know how much I enjoy having an excuse to gripe about the latest craptastic horror film like Sharkopath vs Roachosaur (OK I admit, I would totally watch that).

Of course it took me a bit to adjust, but now it seems I've figured out all the ins and outs of how to post so go and feast your eyes on my latest review: Deadheads-a light hearted zombie odd couple road trip rom com. I'm serious. While not as developed as say Shaun of the Dead or zombie Honeymoon, it's a fabulous popcorn movie and particularly impressive since this was the Pierce Brothers' first feature film. Makes me excited to see what they are going to do next.

 I've gotta a bunch of reviews lined up so if you're into horror, I encourage you to check the site for updates frequently. Go gimme five stars. Post links on your Facebook. Compose songs to my greatness. In the meanwhile, I'll be figuring out what the hell to teach America's future (wince) tomorrow in class. That's the real horror.

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