Snow in NYC
There's finally a real snow fall in NYC. I just got back from walking in it. My walk was a bit short as it is 2 am, but what I love about heavy snows in NYC is that you have the streets all to yourself. Normally, walking is a drag for me-dodging mothers with SUV sized strollers, being run off the sidewalk by couples who can't walk single file for a moment, hoping my legs won't get too tired before I reach my destination-but I love to walk in the snow. In NYC, snow means the streets are empty. On my walk, I only saw about 4 people in my 25 minute stroll. I wish it wasn't so late, or I would have taken a proper stroll, but as it was I enjoyed the beautiful white quiet.

When I was a baby, my parents used to put me in the carrier and take me cross country skiing. Apparently, it always put me to sleep. I still find the snow soothing and calming.

There's a part of me that wants to go back into it. Tomorrow the sidewalks will be salted and shoveled. I won't have the satisfaction of crunching through layers of snow. There will be people rushing to work. Still, hopefully there will be snow, when I wake up. If so, I'll go to Central Park and enjoy. Perhaps I'll even make another snowbunny!

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