A Fundamental Lack of Discipline

So I am having trouble writing about Italy and the truth is that partially it is because my five days in Rome were filled with pretty, you know, normal touristy events. I walked in the Forum, I went to the Colosseum, I saw busts of Homer and Claudius and Caligula, I saw lots of stuff by my favorite people, the Romans, I went shopping (sandals, shirts, skirts) I had great food at Nino's (get the artichokes, avoid the olives, go for the seafood and pasta special if they have it), Avoid Gusto's except for pizza DO NOT GO TO THE RESTAURANT SIDE IT'S NOT WORTH IT, I climbed Castel Sant Angelo (dedicated to my favorite Archangel- Michael-although initially it was Hadrian's mausoleum) but really it was kind of a typical touristic experience.

There were some interesting moments like when I discovered a box of frosties (frosted flakes in the US) which had its ingredients listed in 9 different languages including danish, but not russian or german.

Incidentally, Rome is very capricious about labeling things, not like the French. In Paris every street is labeled clearly. It is virtually impssible to get lost. If there is just a dead end little alley it has a sign saying "Rue de Pissoir" or some such thing. In Rome the streets are often unlabeled and the few streets that are labeled aren't on the map, which made every excursion, no matter how short, an adventure, because Mere Lapin has no sense of direction I mean NO SENSE OF DIRECTION. This is a woman who has gotten lost IN the bathroom, not even finding it, but in the bathroom itself and on more than one occassion. Luckily my sense of direction is fairly functional and so with a few mistakes we often found the right place.

And Castel Sant Angelo has the reliquary of the crib of Jesus (again another t-shirt opportunity not being fully exploited), but very few deep and profound thoughts in Rome. For me, it was enough to come home and wash the dirt from the Forum off of my feet. To stand where the Vestal Virgins had tended the fire, to walk around where Romans had cheered starved animals and desperate men into tearing each other to pieces.

But really, that's all I have to say about Rome. I've been trying to force myself to find something more exciting, but it's not happening. I do have lots of write about Pompeii and Arma di Taggio (wait for it Bakerina). But it shall have to wait until tomorrow.

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