Blogathon sign ups are now open. Bakerina and I have both signed on. I am going to be doing two blogs for charity this year, but I'm having trouble adding a second blog to my profile (there are some bugs at the moment). This blog is aleady signed on-Just like last year I will be posting a line or a premise from a horror film. Readers have 30 minutes to correctly identify the movie. There will also be special bonus questions. At the end of thirty minutes, I will post the answer to the last post and pose a new film. Whoever has the most correct guesses at the end of the day will win a small prize (still deciding). I will not be recycling any movies from last year (just a little tip). Donations will go to the American Heart Association in honor of my father. I need to have at least 20 dollars in pledges by July 21st to participate so please go to www.blogathon.org and pledge for Bunniblog.

When I can post my other blog to my profile, I will be posting a literary project 48 stories about boys in honor of the Columbia Memorial Hospital Foundation. Stories will range from longer stories to brief paragraphs, but all of them will be packed full of hot boys behaving badly.

And I want to give a big thank you in advance to blogmonkey because he is my IT team. Which means that basically I need him to add a blogathon button to my site. He really is a good monkey. On his blog he claimed he would be part of the 'thon this year. So stay up all night with Bakerina, Blogmonkey, and Bunni!

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