We Now Interrupt This Travelogue
Well, I've been in a great mood since I got back from Paris. I was full of determination to focus on my writing and be more industrious. I hadn't smoked in 6 weeks. I've been, god help me, going to the gym. And even when I discovered that the cleaning crew threw out the final hard copy of the coursebook I've compiled over the last year, I took it in stride. And in a week and a half I was able to rewrite and find old copies of many of the assignments in order to reconstruct it. So I took it to Kinko's yesterday and dropped it off.

And today they called to say they couldn't find it. My reconstructed coursebook. (Why don't I have a back up copy on computer? Because many of the assignments are photocopies from books loaned to me over the years.) This was after looking at my students sad excuses for homework, which are so pathetic I am going to do my least favorite thing. I am going to have to go in tomorrow and yell at them. Say "Listen, not even THREE WEEKS ago I told you that attendance was important and yet already I'm dealing with classes that have huge absences thanks to the Superbowl. And if you think you can afford to miss class, your writing assignments prove that assumption hideously mistaken. I gave you guidelines. I gave you tips. I EVEN GAVE YOU A GOOD SAMPLE. It should have been a slam dunk thanks to the bored been there done that look on your faces when I was reviewing the guidelines in class. So what the fuck were you doing when I was going over this in class, because I know what you weren't doing. And in case you were wondering daydreaming about Beyonce ISN'T helping your writing ability. " And, of course, let's not forget getting hammered by all the Valentine's Day commercials, which OK I left my bf, and sure he wasn't likely to even call me on Feb 14 because it is a holiday that Hallmark invented to make depressed single Americans commit suicide and to create even more advertising opportunities for, shudder, personal lubricant, but I haven't had a good Valentine's day in so many years I can't remember. I go through weekends without talking to a single person unless I go out to a bar, which I'm not doing because I'm trying to be more productive and write posts, which only get comments consistently from 2 people, and even good friends of mine like the Doberman can't find time in their busy schedule to read and leave even the most nominal of comments never mind call. So now I'm so upset I can't even go down to the Apple store to try and potential buy a new Macbook Air to replace my evil cantankerous clearly built on the grounds of old Indian Insane Asylum computer HAL 2.0.

So yeah, my good fucking mood has ended. And far as I'm concerned I've done everything in my power to try and keep good happy Bunni. You don't like me angry and depressed, then you do something about it.

And now I am going to have a shot of jamesons in honor of Mardi Gras.

Added Later: Well I took today off, which was wrong because I wasn't particularly unwell. Spent the day in bed with my cat forgetting that there was a world outside. I have recovered somewhat. Tomorrow I will find out the extent of Kinko's complete and utter uselessness. I will also be oogling a MacBook Air. And cupcakes. I'm going to make a pilgrimage to Magnolia and get the best cupcakes in NYC.

Tomorrow I will be back with another entry in the Frehel diaries. And if you like reading these entries, make sure you leave a comment. Even if it's as simple as "That was great." Trust me, it helps.

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