Stay up all night with Bunni AND save the world!
I am interrupting this VERY important travelogue to let you know that I am participating in blogathon 2008 July 26th-27th. I know, I know. You want to know what happened to the asshat in Paris.Patience, gentle readers. (I'm almost tempted to say gentle READER at this point as my readership has been reduced by a half). I will be continuing with the Paris diaries tomorrow, but for now I need your attention. Courtesy of this year's blogathon not only will you have the opportunity to stay up all night long with me, the hooterlicious Bunni, but you can help save the world while you do it!

I will be participating in this year's blogathon, which will be this saturday July 26th! Blogathon is a fundraising event in which bloggers agree to stay awake for 24 hours, posting every 30 minutes, in order to raise money for the charity of his or her choice, in my case Band of Parents. Unlike last year, when I raised close to 1500 dollars, I don't have months to painstakingly harass you for money. This year I don't even have a week, so all y'all you need start saying your good-byes to your wallets right now. (I kid, I kid...but not really.) I will be posting more information about sponsorship as soon as it is available. For now, just get used to the idea that ANY sponsorship amount is needed and will be accepted. (In the meanwhile you might enjoy some pictures from last year's blogathon.)

In another departure, this year I will be retiring horror trivia. Yes it's fun, but it has run its course. This year, I will be doing something different. As always there will be a trivia angle, but there will also be questions for the audience and general silliness about the 80s! TV shows (Mork and Mindy, the Love Boat, Fantasy Island), fashion (power bows, stirrup pants, scuncis and...dare I say it? Jordache!), ad campaigns (just say no, bartles and james asti spumanti, it's not nice to fool mother nature), games (trivial pursuit, rubik's cube), trends (yuppies, the brat pack), and of course movies (Best Defense, Flashdance, St Elmo's Fire, Ghostbusters)...all will be under discussion as well as chatting about our worst and best 80s moments. (And yes I am buying pop rocks for the occasion.)

While I will be asking for sponsorship very soon, there are, as always, lots of other ways to show your support. Right now, since my readership is at an all time low (the lowest since I started this freakin thing), word of mouth in the form of emails or posting info on your blog, facebook, myspace, apartment window is appreciated. Also, equally important, are people willing to send me emails and IMs of encouragement during the long dark tea time of the soul (between 4- and 6 am) when one is tempted to give up and sleep.

As I said, as information comes to me I'll be posting it here, so come here often and make sure you spread the word: you spent the night with Bunni and helped save the world.

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I've notified my less-than-a-dozen faithful readers. You're a hardier soul than I am, that's all I've got to say.
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