Some Thoughts on Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
So I've been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer this week because some wonderful human being gave me Season 3 for my birthday. (Thank you Chris.) And I realized something.

Angel is a total dick.

OK so let's ignore the whole he went psycho after he had sex with Buffy and killed some of her friends. That was the gypsy curse, so I'll give him a pass. However, after Buffy sends him to a demon dimension, he comes BACK and she accepts him. So then what happens? He fucking dumps her right before the Prom. Dude he's over 250 years old, he couldn't have waited a week to dump her? It's not like he didn't know how important it was to her. If he really loved her, he would gone with her to the Prom and THEN dumped her. But no, he dumps her, then shows up at the Prom, but it's only for the night. So it's like ripping off a bandaid only to cut a bit deeper and then squeeze lemon juice on it. THEN after being a dick about the Prom, Buffy almost dies saving his life. How does he repay her? BY TELLING HER HE'S NOT GOING TO SAY GOODBYE. BIGGEST IMMORTAL DOUCHEBAG EVER.

And what about that episode of Angel where he gets his curse lifted, and can thus be with Buffy, but it takes him away from his Hero Boy of the Night work, and since the People of the Night need their hero boy, he decides to go back to being a vampire? Again, Buffy, who was willing to do ANYTHING to be with Angel, gets the furry end of the lollipop from Angel. (Hence my liking Spike more than Angel as a bf for the Buffster-even though the Buffybot thing IS a little creepy.) At least in that case only he will be tortured with the memory of what he COULD HAVE HAD but Buffy, blissfully, will be spared of knowing that they could have had a perfectly normal relationship EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT ANGEL IS A FUCKING DONKEY DICK but he's a hot brooding donkey dick. So in that case I think it worked out well, but it wasn't of Angel's doing-it was just how things happened.

And don't get me started about him loving Cordelia. SO WRONG MY BRAIN ALMOST EXPLODED.

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