Christ Almighty

I go online to check my email and I am immediately assaulted by this IM from a former student:* backstory- I recommended that my students sell books on

Student: Ms. Bunni
Auto response from bad Bunni: oh to sleep in my own bed after a major castrophe curled up with my kitty-purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Student: Im sorry to wake you
( Uh does she not get the concept of an away messages-that it doesn't wake me up, but that I am indeed asleep?)
Student: this is ***** again
Student: I did what you siad and i put my books on but im having problems trying to sell my stuff i dont know how to edit the prices put on my books. Can you help me out
Student: Professor Bunni
Student: can you help me ?
Bad Bunni: I'm working on it
Student: ok
Bad Bunni: Clicking "Manage Inventory" from the "My Account" page will give you a list of your entire inventory organized by category. From here you can edit, delete, or suspend any item you have in inventory by clicking the appropriate link - you can even search your inventory to find any of your items!
Student: yeah i know
Student: but my inventory wont show up
Bad Bunni:

Please note that your item will not appear for sale until roughly 10 minutes from the time it is listed.

If your item does not appear in over 10 minutes from the time it is listed, you may want to check your account hub for a failed credit card. To do this, please go to "My Account," and look for the red outlined box at the top of the page. You may see the message, "Items listed are not available for purchase due to failed credit card verification." If so, this is the reason your items are not app
Student: so u think i should wait unti l tomorrow
Student: its not bc of failed credit
Student: i checked for that
Bad Bunni: well did they send you an email verification of sign up?
Student: it just says wait ten mion
Student: min*
Student: yeah they did
Bad Bunni: ok so you have an account?
Student: but i have been waiting awhile
Bad Bunni: have you tried the help wizard?
Student: yeah
Bad Bunni: it says the same thing
Student: about credit failure and such
Student: but i recieved the e-mails
Student: and it seems fine
Student: so i dont knwo why they dont show up
Bad Bunni: at the bottom of the help wizard screen there is a contact customer service option
Bad Bunni: I would recommend contacting them
Student: ok
Student: i cant find the contact #
Bad Bunni: go through the help wizard three steps
Bad Bunni: you'll get that same messages as before SCROLL ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE
Bad Bunni: it says "No, I need to contact Customer Service.

Bad Bunni: click on the link above and it will take you to contact customer service
Student: Yeha
Student: yea
Student: i did it
Student: i filled it out and stuff
Student: but isnt there a # i can call
Student: or does it have to be through e-mail?
(And I would know because? This is why PAYS people to work customer service so that I don't have to freelance)
bad Bunni: If you don't see a number there, I'm thinking it's all through email
Student: did you veer sell anythign through thos site
Student: anything*
Student: this*
Student: ever*
Bad Bunni: I sold many things through
Bad Bunni: but I haven't sold in quite sometime and I never had any problems
Student: how low did u price most things
Bad Bunni: I don't recommend sites I don't use
Student: because i think i need to make everything way cheaper
Bad Bunni: It depended on how much I wanted to get rid of the object and the condition of it
Bad Bunni: I usually got fairly good prices-look it depends on what you want-if you want to get rid of stuff fast then a low price is the way to go, if you want to get your money back then price reasonably but you're going to have to wait
Student: how long have you had to wait
Student: and how des it work when someone wants to buy
Bad Bunni: it depends on a lot of things
( Uh what kind of time do these people think I have? First off the second question is clearly answered on the site. Second, how the hell do I know how long she's going to have to wait to sell items? I don't even know what she's selling? When did I become the great and powerful Oz of
Bad Bunni: you'll get an email when someone buys something
Bad Bunni: that info is up on the site
Student: ok
Bad Bunni: but as for when someone buys it depends on deman you might wait a long time or you might sell it tomorrow
Student: O ok
Student: thanks soo much

I get rid of one and then I get this one:

Student2: was the power outage
Student2: i mean the black out
Bad Bunni: fabulous I loved it
Student2: u
Bad Bunni: better than cats
Student2: lol
Student2: i have a teachers go in tomorrow
Bad Bunni: tomorrow is sunday
Student2: cause i had to hand something in friday
Student2: i mean monday
Student2: but the whole blackout thing happened
Student2: and i couldnt
Student2: ya know..and i dont know if i should go back to the city monday and hand it in then
Bad Bunni: I would say yes
Student2: okay..thanks
Student2: so how come you loved the blackout so much
Student2: it was really scary!!
Bad Bunni: I was being sarcastic
Student2: ohh
Student2: well..some people really love blackouts
Student2: i dunnos
Student2: dunno

Not only is the student very confused about his lie about when his paper is due, the faux I'm really concerned about you intro is just so sad. And why not ask the professor that you are handing the paper into? Hmmmmmmm?

It's enough to make me regret getting the power back.


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