Sky Clad

Apparently that is what some wiccans call it when they go naked, "sky clad."

Recently I have been undergoing physical therapy. My therapists, two men and three women who are on some sort of rotating schedule that I can not discern, have all been flashed by my panties. (I'm getting therapy for my hip which involves me wearing a patient's johnny, unlike the other patients who get to wear their own clothes. The flashing is essentially unavoidable, although I do my best not to traumatize the poor things.) They have witnessed the whole range of my underwear drawer: the red silk, the hello kitty print, the sunshine yellow with strawberry applique, the black lace, the plain white, the neutral fleshtone. I've never been uncomfortable about a doctor getting flashed panties because generally if I'm in that position I have more serious things to worry about than my modesty. Especially since I'm not sure I have any modesty.

Or so I thought, until recently one of the female PTs came in while I was changing. I had the johnny on already, and was simply taking off my jeans when she walked in. Now, she has seen in me a far more advanced state of dishabille, yet this made me uncomfortable. I finished taking off my jeans and jumped on the table. When I wasn't in the state of dressing or undressing, I was fine, but somehow the transitional state makes me embarassed.

Or how about the woman who spoke to me from outside the curtain while I was changing. Even though she couldn't she me, talking to her while I wa removing my clothes through the "privacy curtain" made me blush. Yet when she came in to conduct the examination, I was fine.

My male PTs are very good about trying to keep my virtue as protected as possible, but once the changing is out of the way, I am more focused on the tendon stretching or the ultrasound. If poor Brandon gets flashed, well, he's the professional, he'll handle it. And I'm sure Brandon has seen far far worse than my panties. ( Just based on the other patients I've seen)

I don't really have a point except it seems odd to me that I'm more vulnerable in the process of changing than in the "nude" (not that in my underwear with a patient's johhny I'm nude-generally I am more covered than I would be in clothes as a regular size johnny is basically the size of a small yurt for me). Anyone else on their feelings about nudity and vulnerability?

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