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Well I have pissed off someone in the universe management department. You would think the disability and the putting up with incompetent twits on a daily basis would pay off whatever karmic debt I might have earned.
Apparently not.
I thought the dead friend and the closed bar was the low point for the year, until I found out that my gay husband is in the hospital with a bacterial infection (FYI the very same thing which killed my friend-although I should specify that the problem was not the infection, but that my friend was elderly and his immune system, ie white blood cells, refused to RESPOND to the infection) and my little British friend (who I alternatively refer to as the monchichi or the muppet) , the one I can ALWAYS count on for a drink, has developed some horrifying stomach disorder. He finally dragged himself to the ER yesterday, and is not in the hosp. but is convalescing. I have offered him snootfuls of Earl Grey tea, but I'm fairly sure he is going to be spending a great deal of time pondering American television on his couch.
So after discovering the fate of my gay husband and my favorite stuffed animal with an accent, well, let's just say that staying home and watching Se7en was not enough to elevate my mood. The above picture is actually me at the bar where I had a martini with a guy, I kid you not, who introduced himself as Captain Ron. Fortunately it was not Kurt Russell with an eye patch, but a deranged former Caltech biologist who now teaches earth science to inner city kids. "I'm the only white guy they know" he slurred to me. Obviously he is not going to help ease racial tension.
The odd part for me here is that I am actually physically ok. That's kind of the karmic joke. Especially when you consider that I am disabled. But I really wish the universe would lay off of my friends. I kind of feel like the cop who offers himself as a hostage "Take me. I'm the one you really want."
The high point of yesterday: I rank number 3 on a google search for "MarriageProposal Gone Bad" videos and I got my first search for "gay husband blogs."

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