The Louvre
The Louvre is never a bad idea. Really. Even I can not fuck up the Louvre. You just can not walk out of that place thinking "Well that was not worthwhile."
I decided to start off my Louvre adventure with the Medieval Louvre, the original foundation of the building is exposed and one can walk around those huge pieces of masonry and although it is lit by light bulbs it is done to give the effect of torches. It is dim and cool. There was a small arch and I simply wanted to sit in that dark arch for a bit and write. I couldn't translate the panels which told the history of the foundation but I didn't really need. I looked at those large hunks of rock-uneven and rough hewn and wondered, how is it that when man had very little technology he was able to build such impressive buildings? When did we lose this capacity? Does it have anything to do with Ikea?
Afterwards I went up to the Cour Marly and the Cour Puget where the 17th to 18th century French sculpture is kept. ( I am not posting this from my computer, tomorrow I will add some photos to accentuate this post.) Sculpture is one of my favorite forms. I wandered through the marble sculptures wondering how does one do this? How does one look at a big hunk of rock and see a girl up on her toes whispering to another girl, an angel about to take flight, a god abducting a nymph? How does one take rock and make it look like a flimsy gown caught by the window, blooming flowers, a ripe garland of grapes on the vine? How can one make this stone look so human and real that you wait to hear the breathe of an exhaled secret, the wail of the abducted, the laugh of the satyr? How does one do that? How is it even possible?
I went up the Napoleon the Third apartments. The grand salon is definitely worth a view as is the private dining room and the grand dining room. I think my favorite part of the grand dining room were the paintings of dogs ripping apart deer and eagles attacking hawks. Because that's exactly what I want to look at when I'm eating. Finally I went up to the French painting wing again. By then my legs had the dull pain of fatigue. I had been wandering for four hours. It was time for food and rest.
Nothing Up My Sleeve
I picked another restaurant at random and although the food was good, it was not at the same level as my last trip to Paris. I had enjoyed the day, but the winter missed that manic energy that I had enjoyed in the summer. I began realizing just how unique and special my trip in the summer had been. Pulling off a magic trick once takes a great deal of effort and focus, but getting to a point where you can repeat the trick easily and at will takes true talent. Despite this, my trip was much improved from the disappointments of the night before. I walked out into the night window shopping and heading towards my hotel room and a phone.
(Apologies for the wait on this post and the shortness of it-as bakerina can tell you, I am quite sick. But I am trying my best to keep my readers satisfied.)

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