Because Tired Always Follows Sick
(Bill Cosby talking about his mother)
(Please cue the opening to theme song to "Welcome Back Kotter" .)
Kotter: The first day of school is the second saddest in a teacher's life.
Horshack: What's the first?
Kotter: Pay day.
Ah yes, I have returned from Paris to become completely ill-tired, sniffly, that feeling of living underwater, sinus-y type of cold. And just in time for the great Ice Age of 2004. And NYU has fucked me over, because after insisting I was going to be getting the exact same textbook as last year, I come to work today to find A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FUCKING BOOK. So I told my class, essentially fuck this I am teaching from last year's book. I am going to photocopy everything. I am not NOT going to read an entirely new textbook in a fucking week and redesign my syllabus after taking three years to develop this one. Let me think, let me think, let me think, NO FUCKING WAY. Motherfuckers had ALL WINTER SEMESTER AND THE BREAK TO GET ME THIS BOOK AND THEY GAVE IT TO ME DURING THE FIVE DAYS RIGHT BEFORE I HAVE TO TEACH. Wait, wait, let me call my assistant. Dave? Dave could you come in here for a second? Yeah, are you sure? Uh-huh. Dave says Fuck You. So there. Fuck you from me and my personal assistant. Wait wait let me get my mother on the phone so she can say fuck you as well. And my riding instructor from when I was 13. I mean, really no wonder I get more piece of mind in a country where I don't speak the language.
Last night, it hit me that I really had been in Paris and I was overwhelmed with sadness. For a variety of reasons to be sure. But mainly it really hit me that I had been there. It was real. And now I here. And as much as I missed my friends, how I wanted to be there again (with my friends would be the optimal situation). I have started teaching my cat to speak french. Le mew, le mew, le purrrrrr, le mew.
indecent post forthcoming

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