Please Insert Profound Birthday Quote Here Posted by Hello
Well today is really it people, celebrating 30 years of quality and excellence. Actually more likely celebrating 30 years of intellectual snobbery, hostility, and glitter.
I promise people to bring back Bacchus and this weekend I consumed:
5 pints of beer
2 coronas
3 cosmopolitans
2 vannilla stoli and sodas
1 shot jager
1 shot "irish kiss"
1 shot so co and lime
2 shots hurricane
1 bottle of red wine
The lovely Bakerina brought me Palm Beach Brownies, and I have finally tasted Paradise, paradise jelly that is. (I like it, although I have to admit I prefer the crab apple jelly-what a shock.)
This morning I woke up and a glass of red wine and goo goo cluster for breakfast. I mean really. Of course now I am in the office and supposed to be calculating grades. Yep, that's where I am on my birthday, because grades apparently can't wait until tomorrow. Perhaps, like a bitten apple, they get brown and icky if left out for very long.
Well I wish I had something deep and profound for you. Really. But I'm afraid this is it for now. Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes and special thanks to those of you visited.

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