Maybe Just A Gift Tag
So my friends have started harassing me about what I want for my birthday, and of course, what I really want is not something that can be bought. Oh sure, I have a wish list on Amazon, and I'm certainly not going to turn away presents (especially since some people, some very very nice people, have already bought me some) but it's not what I really want. What I want is a huge pack of my friends to come out and have a great time, liquor, laughter, wacky hijinx which will be fondly, but blurrily remembered, and send those poor souls who can't be with us some digital photos which will fill them with envy. And of course I would like all of you out there to send me happy birthday wishes and leave happy birthday comments as you did last year, but more I would rather all y'all have a great day trying not to get too behind with the christmas wrapping/shopping/cooking/decorating and perhaps just think a happy thought for me while you are enjoying yourselves. And of course, I would like a boyfriend, not for flowers and chocolate and expensive wine ( again not that I would say no to any of that), but just after party snuggling under the covers ( and perhaps hang over maitenance "honey can you go get the advil?"). Unfortunately you can't walk into any store and say "uh I would like my friends to be happy and to have a boyfriend" and have the person behind the register say, "Would you like that gift wrapped?"

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