A Hannukah Miracle
"The other day a person wished me a 'Happy Chaka Khan' and I said 'A Merry Ozzie and Harriet to You Too'" Dennis Wolfberg
Ah, yes. The festival of lights. It's not a very good holiday compared to Christmas. You would think the Jews, you know the ones who "own the media", would be better at creating a commercial holiday. Certainly it has made strides in the past in terms of popularity with songs like Adam Sandler's "Hannukah" and Hannukah Harry on SNL, and it is nothing short of amazing that a holiday without standardized spelling (Chanukah, Hannuquah, Haknewcah-the k is silent) could score its whole little section in Bloomingdale's. But well, it's a quirky little holiday.
As you know I've been plugging away at this paper, trying to pull a paper which stubbornly hovers at 9 pages to 15 and I shudder to say this, UDR has been helping me. Monday we went over the grammar of the first 9 pages, and, to keep me on task, he threatened to spank me if I didn't produce at least 2 more pages by wednesday. By wednesday I had 13 pages, but I still had major problems with the conclusion, the problem being I didn't know what to say and I had two pages to say it in. So we sat and we talked and crazy fucking bastard if he doesn't come up with an elegant solution which would also allow me to incorporate research from the first draft. So today I'm at 18 pages. 18. I though I only had enough material for 9 pages and I stretched it out to 18. A Hannukah Miracle.

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