You Know I Think I Preferred It When You Just Poured Lemon Juice On My Paper Cuts
One of my students has done a paper on the physical positive aspects of monogamous sexfor women. Yep 10 pages of why sex is good for me ie sex 3 times a week is the equivalent of jogging seventy five miles.
My friend who accidentally threw me into a massive depression last week was at it again this weekend. I finally dragged myself up by boot straps, she brings up present exhcange/travel plans with boyfriend and then puts the final cabosh on my mood by saying he brought up having children.
You know, just once I would like to spend a birthday/christmas with a boyfriend. JUST ONE. You would think in 30 years I might have been able to pull that one off once. But nope it remains like the jackalope, elusive.
I think at this point I should just lay down and wait for cabs to run me over.

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