Because It Takes a Village to be Rejected by Harvard
Well, it's done, over, finished. Apps are in and now there is nothing to do, but go buy Christmas presents, get ready for my party, do the vacuuming/laundry/dishes I've been ignoring for the last three weeks, grade 30 final exams, turn in 60 final grades and deal with turning 30 and celebrating another christmas in PA without a boyfriend.
Yep it's all downhill from here.
But I wouldn't have gotten grad. apps. in if it wasn't for a number of people, and I would like to take some time here to thank those who really went above and beyond the normal bounds of friendship.
Bakerina offered me unflagging support. I mean,8:30 in the morning to 11 o'clock at night round the clock "you can do it little slugger, go in and win one for the team" phone calls. She is also did emergency copyediting ( better than one of my fellow profs.) All this after I didn't have time get her a birthday present, because I was, of course, working on grad apps. And she is bringing me freakin' Palm Beach brownies for my birthday. The woman should be sainted.
UDR for actually providing some fairly sound contributions/ideas as well as also emergency editing. Also for endlessly harassing me to keep working so that I would make deadline. And bringing me lots of quality cigarettes.
My mother for helping me with my resume, paying for my graduate advisor, and for keeping the rest of the family away from me during Thanksgiving so I could work.
Richard Braverman of Kaplan who helped shape my statement of purpose. ( Otherwise it would have been "Ohhhhh pleeeeeeaaaaaase let me in. I promise I'll be good and I won't bite the other students....much. Please, please, please.)
My gay husband and the Amazon for taking me out for drinks and cigs when I needed to be mindless and silly so as to be more focused the next day.
The head of my department for being understanding about my grades being turned in four days late.
The guy who wore a coat with the word LUCKY on the 1 train yesterday as I went to Columbia for giving me something positive to focus on.
For anyone who called to offer support/tell me they are proud of my work the last week.
Anyone who has come in contact with me the last six weeks and continued to keep contact with me despite my, despressive/anxiety filled/ or hostile behavior.
All of you bloggers who continued to put up posts so that I could have little five minute breaks to restore my sanity.
And of course for all of you who left supportive comments or just simply continued reading.
(I'm sure I've left some people out, some people have been left out intentionally as they prefer to remain anonymous. So thank you to the unmentionables.)
Those Who Can Take No Part of the Thanks:
Dockers, for vanishing suddenly half way through the process, depriving me of much needed sexual relief and causing MORE depression my rejecting me and more anxiety by vanishing without a word.
The Spinster who was supposed to be helping me, but instead of copyediting sent me into a massive meltdown with her "it seems like undergraduate work" 8 hours before submission comment.

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