And Now For Something Completely Different

So in a move I can only attribute to my own idiocy, I ended up on 17th street with no money, no atm card, and no metrocard. And so I had to walk all the way from 17th street to 85th street. (Only one avenue block was involved.) This is about 3 miles. My friend the anonymous poetess stayed on my cell phone with me and coached me most of the way. When I got to the seventies she said to me "You are such a tank, and the fact you are a tank makes me want to be a tank." Which I think may be one of the best complements of my life. (There have been many these last few weeks, I think they need to be rationed.) But I made it. In an hour and a half, which may not be as good as some former marathon runners (shut up O) but still is damn good for a little bunni like me. All the way to 85th and in time for dinner with Nice Guy Eddie.

Not bad for a girl who was supposed to be paralyzed for the rest of her life.

I think next time though I'll just remember my wallet.

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