More Fun in the Name of Charity
Last year, I promised that I would do a different project to raise money for the Columbia Memorial Hospital Foundation.Since I've made a lot of contacts in the horror film community recently I thought it would be a shame not to bring back last year's project, but I'm going to be good to my word.

I've created another blog just for the blogathon called All About Boys. This is the site where I will be posting 48 stories about boys. Some of the stories will be about college friends, others about male cast members from shows I've done, and, of course, more bad date anecdotes than a Sex in the City marathon could hope to muster.

Although I've raised the entry fee, a 20 dollar pledge, for Bunniblog, now I need to raise the same fee for All About Boys. Because of a bug at the Blogathon site, I've had to register twice. To sponsor All About Boys, please go here.

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